Friday, April 22, 2016

Can't Wait

As good as I am at procrastinating (and I'm pretty darn good), there are some things that just can't wait.  Rain was predicted for last night.  If we got any, it looks like it was nothing more than light mist so it was good that I watered the deck plants anyhow yesterday.  The poor things were drooping and begging for water.  I don't talk to nor play music for my plants, but I try not to torture them (too much).

I'm really glad that we didn't get a downpour this go-round.  I've been holding off on weed-eating and had trouble connecting with Helper Dude.  That dratted, for lack of the proper name, bracken weed is starting to bloom and that means the fershluggen dart seeds aren't far behind.  Bless his pointy head, HD is coming this morning.  Talk about job security, I've got it in spades.

I knew that somewhere out in the sheds I had a regulation chick feeder.  I finally got around to hunting it up.  The flat, round thing I'd been using allowed the chicks to make a worse mess than necessary.  I'm not up for making more work for myself.  In addition, the long, narrow feeder gives the little ones more room, as does the smaller water bottle.

Kit asked about sex-link chickens:  they are cross breeds and the chicks come out "color coded" by gender, pretty much assuring that one buys hens and not roosters.  When you "pays yer money and takes yer choice," you take what you get.  Sexing baby chicks is very difficult and one usually waits to see a larger comb develop to realize you've got another male in your flock.  Tzar Nicholas and Mad King George got along well, but roosters are normally competitive and fight over their hens or they get very mean towards people.  I had some that made me take a broom handle into the pen to save me from injury.  (That was after one drove a spur into my calf.)  By the way, it is hard to read a chicken's expression, but I'm pretty sure I saw a smile on Tzar Nicholas's face when I told him he'd be getting new additions to his harem in the future.

Tecla, the WOOFer, is coming to visit again tomorrow and this time is bringing her husband, Bruno.  I can't wait!

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