Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trash And Treasure

Apropos of absolutely nothing (well, yesterday's entry, maybe), I woke up this morning hearing Rosalind Russell singing "Everything's Coming Up Roses" ("Gypsy" 1962).  I never know where the sound track in my mind is going to go, and sometimes it takes me pretty far afield.  This is "Kansas," the second new peony, with ruffles like a flamenco skirt.  There are ten peonies up and budding now.

On the other side of the walkway is this Spanish lavender in full flower.  The Spanish doesn't have the same sweet scent as the French, but it certainly has flair, each floret with a perky topknot.

I had thought to get going on the mowing yesterday, but it was very windy and I changed my mind.  As it does this time of year, the wind blew many, many young twiggy branches out of the oaks and littered the yards.  That will put off mowing until they're all picked up.  "One man's trash...."  I will throw all of those leafy twigs over to the goats.  The only thing the girls like better than those green leaves is the same leaves after they're dry.  They crunch them like potato chips and I swear they're smiling.

It's nice to make a goat smile.

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