Monday, April 11, 2016

Job Security

Animals and acreage guarantee one will always have work, job security at its finest.  The job description might change with the seasons, but there will always be something on the horizon.  After some months of letting Fu sit winter idle, he'd better be ready to do yeoman's work.  It looks like the sun will shine today following our lovely, much-needed rain and that will spur weed growth.  Not wanting to expose new or re-emerging plants in what used to be the herb garden to winter cold (it's now the peony bed), the thick layer of protective leaves will also have to be cleared soon.  I got a great photo of the new Shirley Temple peony in full bloom; it is almost white with deep pink streaks.  Kansas, its neighbor, will be a deep red compliment.  (Pictures will follow whenever phone talks to computer.)  That dratted bracken (I know that not the right name, but have yet to identify the plant) is taking over and getting taller and taller.  I see a lot of weed-eating in my future, hopefully before the dart-like seeds appear.  If I do get around to clearing and then planting a vegetable garden this year, that will add about an hour of watering and weeding to the day, as well as caring for the deck plants.

Yep, that's job security.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I guess a house crammed with years of "stuff" = job security too? Hmmm...I like the results but don't like the work or the pay :-)