Friday, April 1, 2016

Stop And Go

Got the truck gassed up so I'm ready to get over the hill to Fiddletown today.  The gas cans are filled so I'm ready to mow whenever I get around to it.  I thought about doing it yesterday, but a fairly strong, very chilly wind was blowing and I opted to put that job off.  On our afternoon outing (Bess insisted), I did put in time pulling some of that pretty, fern-like weed that springs up in shady areas under the oak and behind the chicken pen.  It's really lovely, but will soon put out those dratted dagger-like seeds that stick in socks and Bess's fur, so it's best to get a start on it while I can.

I received a wonderful text yesterday saying that Deb and Craig are coming up on Sunday.  She didn't say what was the occasion, but it doesn't matter.  Two visits in close succession are a reason to celebrate.  I made pie crust yesterday, enough for two single-crust pies.  It's always best to chill the dough thoroughly, so I'm ahead on the peaches-and-cream pie for today (finally made up my mind), and with any luck I'll make the pecan pie I owe Craig on Sunday.

The "stop" part of this is the danged bathroom sink.  It's been stopping up a lot lately.  Putting drain cleaner in takes timing because the cats' litter box is in that bathroom and Ralph, being Ralph, has to inspect any and everything different.  I don't want them not to have access to their box, but I also don't want Ralph anywhere near the drain cleaner.  The cats are taking their morning nap now, so I gave the sink a healthy dose of cleaner and shut the door.  I hope to heck it works, because the alternative is taking the pipes apart to check the trap.  I'd be worried about the septic tank backing up, but that sink is the only drain with a problem.  I don't think I'd have a problem getting the P-trap apart; it's getting it back together that scares me.  Fingers crossed.

I'd better get a move on if I'm going to get a running start on the day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Fingers crossed that the bathroom sink got un-stopped!!