Friday, April 8, 2016


Okay, I'll admit it.  I'm getting to be a regular old grouch.  It appears that I called to thank Code Enforcement prematurely.  The quiet of the last week or so has been heavenly.  Today I discovered that the MX (motocross) track was just closed temporarily for "repairs" and to "figure out their water needs."  Water is such a precious, limited commodity and they have "water needs?"  I shall be making another phone call.

Some time back the waste management company (garbage removal) said we could no longer use our own trash barrels but must use the new, improved bins they would provide at a "small cost increase."  These bins, one for trash and one for recyclables, are large, unwieldy, and very heavy even when empty.  The little wheels might be great in urban areas, but are impossible to roll on dirt roads.  However, they would allow the trash truck to use mechanical arms to lift and empty and save Trash Guy extra work.  Okay, I'd go along with that.  Like 95% of the residents on my road (there aren't too many of us, admittedly), I left the new bins down at the corner and hauled what trash I have down there in bags, not necessarily convenient.  Then Trash Guy decided that he didn't want to turn onto our road; it would be easier for him if all the bins were moved across the street, so he did that and there they were, lined up like soldiers.  That street is very narrow and curvy and it wasn't safe to drive over and stop in the middle of the road to move my bags from the truck to the bin, so I walked my stuff over, making several trips.  Whatever, right?  I don't generate enough trash to justify a trip down to the Big Road every week, so I missed the notice placed on the cans (Camille called me) saying that the bins must be removed within 12 hours after pick-up and placed there no sooner than 12 hours before.  By the way, recyclables, under the new rules, were only picked up every other week and who could keep track of that?  Also, the bins could not be within sight of the road after removing them.  There's no way I could lift those bins empty, let alone haul them down full.  I went down yesterday to pull the notice off my bin so I could read it for myself and, lo and behold, I had no bins on the road.  Without notice, because I had not complied with the new rules, my bins had been confiscated.  Long story, well, not short, but the upshot is that yesterday I called Waste Management and cancelled my service.  The dump is only a little out of my way when I go to town twice a month, and can't cost any more than the so-called service.

Have a complaint?  Give it to me.  I'm getting good at it.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh man oh man oh MAN!!! I'm sorry but that is RIDICULOUS!!! Even though they are probably a private company, they sound as incompetent as the gubment! Can they not see that in a rural area, it is NOT one-size-fits-all??? Sheesh...make that SHEESH!