Thursday, April 21, 2016

Just Like A Kid

There are behavioral traits that seem universal across species, and that's not me just anthropomorphizing again.  Baby anythings are much alike.  I would put the chicks at about the toddler stage now.  Having raised my own flock of people chicklets, it's like being transported back in time to watch these little birds.  The sun is just coming over the hill now and I heard the first peeps of the day.  I went in to take off the nighttime blanket covering their cage and fill the feeder for breakfast.  Like all babies, the chicks have voracious appetites.  Yesterday they ate four full cups of feed.  I found a smaller water bottle so they have more room to run around and play, and that they do!  Until they get a little older, they'll get lukewarm water.  Like kids on the playground, the chicks chase and yell, getting louder and louder.  Several times throughout the day, they all settle down, snuggling together for a nap.  They get especially rowdy just before bedtime.  Coming back in from putting the bigger kids to bed at sundown, I cover them with a bath towel to hold the day's warmth and shut their door for the night.  How many countless times in my life have I said, "Good night, sleep tight.  Don't let the bedbugs bite," just as my mother said to me.  (She and I always ended it with, "I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight."  A nice thought to go to sleep on.)

It might seem a little nutty to raise chicks in the house.  Like human children, they are messy.  Really messy.  They're learning to scratch for their food and the mash gets thrown all over.   Ah, memories of highchairs and smeared baby food.  I'm grateful I don't have to change tiny diapers, but the cardboard under the cage still has to be changed frequently.

Time does fly.  It seems no time at all since the last full moon.  In a very short time, the chicks, like kids, will be ready to go out on their own.  As it was with my Kids, I'll miss them when they go.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Yes, definitely miss them when they go.

Saw a little baby at coffee shop the other day and my friend said, I'm so glad I don't have a little one to take care of....but I felt the opposite way, and wished it was mine my arms again.
Even the grandkids are getting too big to be held.

What a glorious picture of the Queen today with her youngests...and one of them holding her pocketbook..a very human touch.

Kathryn Williams said...

Emmy, I so enjoyed your comments. Thank you. I am one of the lucky ones who still has toddlers in the (grandparent) nest, and I am cherishing the time, as I know it is fleeting. It IS different being a grandparent - and not being in the trenches all the time. I feel as tho the childhoods of my own went whoosh, and the memories are not always there. But I get the see the wonderment of childhood again. Yay for babies - feathered or not.