Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Speaking Terms

After a quick stop at the AT&T store yesterday, Phone and 'Puter are communicating again and I can play catch up with some photos.  This was "dawn's early light" last week.
Hog heaven!  These beady-eyed piglets make me smile every day.  The small whisk is perfect for scrambling an egg or two and the little spatula scrapes the bowl.  The big spatula flips sausage patties (shhh).  The two little guys open their mouths to clip potato chip bags when I pig out on snacks.  The swine matryoshka are a set of measuring cups.  Seriously!  Do my Kids know what I like, or what?  Can't you see Dave haunting the kitchen implement department and asking, "Where are your pigs?  My mom needs more pigs."
Introducing Shirley Temple, one of the new peony plants and the first to bloom.  Kansas isn't far behind, and yesterday I saw that most of the re-emerging plants have buds.  It's going to be so beautiful.
It's hard to believe, but the wisteria vine (and it's just one vine) has even more blossoms now.  This obviously was taken on one of the few sunny days we've had lately.  I wish I could share that wonderful perfume.
These beauties came from Deb and Craig at Easter.  The bulbs are in water only, no dirt.  The petals are beginning to drop now, but they sure added a spot of sunshine to my kitchen.
Biner clips are getting pretty darned fancy these days.  I had a choice of these girly pink or manly camo' clips.  Since they're mostly used to keep the goat girls from opening gates and doors, I went for the pink.

I don't hide the fact that I hate to go shopping, and yesterday was a walk through hell.  I learn a store's layout so I can get in and get out quickly.  Walmart was in the process of moving everything, entire departments were shifting.  The biner clips, for example, had moved from the camping supplies to hardware, hidden in the nuts-and-bolts section.  Huh?  It took forever to find anything and, in my frustration, I missed a couple of items on my list; windshield wiper blades, for instance.  Another couple of rainy days are on the horizon and I hope I don't have to drive then.  My current set is shredding.
I know sunset photos have been sorely missed.  This wasn't the most spectacular, but it fills the need.

It's good to be back!

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Kathryn Williams said...

GREAT photos, and the sunset it AWESOME!! Thanks - glad the two are talking again!