Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday Blues

Company two days running and the accompanying prep had me totally discombobulated, so it was a shock when I realized yesterday was Monday and Milk Guy was coming.  I had not saved Sunday's milk for him.  Aaargh.  Heading for the barn, I could only hope that Sheila would not put a foot in the bucket.  Given the girls' fresh grass diet, I wasn't worried there would be enough milk.  Between them, the three milkers are pumping out a gallon and a half a day now.  Let me rephrase that.  I am squeezing out a gallon and a half, and it takes a lot more work and time.  There were fortunately no untoward incidents during the process and I strained and bottled MG's order in time.

Another goat owner called to ask about one of his does with an udder problem.  Her kid had a preference for just one nipple and the other side was getting large and firm.  In case I didn't explain, a goat's udder has two separate "compartments," one for each teat.  In this case, the milk in the full side was congealing into a curd and, if left, could result in mastitis.  He needed to get it milked out, and fast.  I once had a girl with an injured teat and it took two hours to massage the mass and get her udder empty.  And yes, I do get some strange phone calls.

The hummers are coming in larger numbers now and drinking two quarts of juice a day.  (They made a great hit with Bruno and he sent a video clip of my flying jewels to relatives overseas.)  Filling their feeders was about the only productive thing I did yesterday.  I'd planned a day off anyway and Mondays are great for watching TV.  A number of my favorite programs run on Sunday nights and I DVR them to watch later (on Monday).
It was a good day, Monday or not.

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