Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ever Changing

As much as I hate going into town, I have to admit it's a beautiful drive.  Like flipping the pages of a calendar, the scenery changes on every trip and around every curve.  The blue and white wild lavenders in the hills have been replaced by brilliant yellow Scotch broom shrubs and fields of purple lupine.  The flowering fruit trees are busy producing fruit now, their branches green and leafy.

The weather at this time of year is just as changeable.  It's a bright, sunny morning, but thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.  I'll take that any time over the dog days of summer or days of endless rain.  I need to get to the feed store today before the skies open up.  The chicks have eaten nearly ten pounds of mash already, and I might as well get another bag of goat chow while I'm at it.

Camille offered me a deal and I took her up on it.  Since neither one of us generates enough trash to fill a garbage can weekly, we share her containers and will split the bill.  (My cans were confiscated by waste management because I didn't follow the new rules.  Call me a rebel.)  Saves me a trip to the dump and cuts her cost in half.  Works for me!

Green stuff on the property is sprouting up faster than one could imagine.  Priorities:  housework or mowing.  Hmmm.  Some things don't change.

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