Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cockeyed Optimist

(Song from South Pacific.)

Procrastinators are the epitome of eternal optimists.  We always think we can get everything done at the last minute and stretch time available to fit our needs.  For all procrastinators in training, the first rule of thumb is plan ahead and prioritize, otherwise panic will take over and you'll get caught with your dustrag down.  When crunch-time comes, think about what must be done and what could wait.  For example, you can cook after your guests arrive, but not take a shower.  Take the shower first thing even if you have go milk goats and just hope for the best.  The whole room looks better when the carpet is vacuumed.  Do that and worry about dusting later.  What's a little dust between friends?  Sweep the front porch.  As Mother said, "You only get one chance to make a first impression."

We had not actually set a firm time but following precedent, I shot for eleven o'clock for Tecla and Bruno's arrival yesterday.  I love my bread machine.  The first thing (after a shower) was to put ingredients for Black Forest pumpernickel in and let the electric servant go to work.  The aroma of fresh-baked bread goes a long way toward forgiveness when guests walk in.  There wasn't much time after barn chores, so I whirled like a dervish on one task after another.  Eleven o'clock came and went.  Like the guy who fell from a tall building who, as he passed one floor after another, kept saying, "So far, so good," I kept knocking jobs off the list.  About 1:30, I started getting worried.  Had I put down the wrong date?  At 2, Tecla texted and said they'd be here around 3:30-ish.  More time to get more done.  The white chili I'd prepared for lunch would be a good dinner, but then found out they were expected elsewhere.  Ah, well.  Such is life.

Bruno is as much a delight as his wife, Tecla, and how can one be peeved when guests arrive bearing beer and a homemade Dutch apple pie?  Tecla, from the Netherlands, made the real McCoy.  I think the pumpernickel sealed the deal here and they asked to come back today for lunch.  All that housework did not go to waste.  We had a good visit and I look forward to today.

Why is it, I wonder, that only after they'd left, did I see that cobweb hanging from a light fixture in the bathroom?

It was a good, if tiring, day.

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