Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Fans of NCIS will recognize Gibbs's Rule #9, "Never go anywhere without a knife."  I discovered yesterday down in the barn that I had broken one of the primaries.  Reaching in my pocket for the knife I always carry, it was empty!  Oh crum.  Changing to a fresh set of bibbies earlier, I'd not transferred the knife and extra carabiner clip that are indispensable here.  Talk about feeling naked!  It went way past underdressed.  I just never know when either of those tools will be needed.  Just in case, on those rare occasions I put on a dress, there's also a knife in my purse.  I trust in Gibbs.

At the other end of the spectrum, I've been going overboard on socks the last few days.  Even though it didn't really rain yesterday, wading through the still-wet weeds soaked my socks and I've been going through two pair a day.  I see a lot of laundry in my future.

Had to laugh yesterday when Milk Guy arrived, full of the story of how his dog had run into a skunk the night before and Mrs. MG had gone on line and found a marvelous solution to remove skunk smell.  Ha!  I've had (and needed) that recipe for years, ever since the first time Bessie Anne ran afoul of one of the black-and-white kitties.  Bless her stubborn little heart, she once got skunked seven times in one year.  I keep the supplies on hand, even though she's either wised up or skunks no longer come visiting.  FYI, it's a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of Dawn dish soap (and it has to be Dawn) in a gallon of water.  Wash the victim and rinse well.  It's magic and the smell is instantly gone.  Like a knife in the pocket, you just never know when you'll need it.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Funny you should mention NCIS...I went to a neighborhood lecture from an actual retired (tho still youngish) NCIS Special Agent. I think the most surprising thing to me was to find out that they are civilians!!! What threw me off is that Gibbs was a "Gunny," and because Naval is the N, I supposed that at least some of them were military. Gibbs is rather the exception! This guy was an agent when "Tailhook" was being investigated, and also the Sarin Gas in Japan...he worked on both!!!!